Dead Sea SaltsWhat is once again... Smooth Skin Dead Sea Salts?
Dead Sea Salts have long been valued for their
therapeutic properties.  Doctors have urged their
patients to spend time soaking in the Dead Sea
to relieve skin conditions associated with
Psoraisis and Eczema.  Now... you can have that
luxury in the privacy of your home.  Dead Sea
Salts contain 27% of various salts as compared
to 3% in normal sea water.

Pour 2 lbs. of Dead Sea Salts under running
warm water. It is recommended that the
temperature of the bathwater be no more than 2
degrees warmer than the temperature of your
body.  Wait a few minutes for the tub to fill and
the Dead Sea Salts to dissolve.  Slip into the tub.  
Soak for 20-30 minutes and imagine yourself
soaking in the Dead Sea!  Rinse your body in the
shower.  Gently pat your skin as you dry off.  Use
3-4 times a week for six weeks. Resume when

Enhance your bath experience with the
moisturizing effects of
once again... Smooth
Skin Therapeutic Bath Oil for Psoriasis and
information that is presented comes from a number of reliable sources and represents years of extensive research as well as personal experience.  We urge you to seek
the advice of your health care provider before beginning the use of our products.