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What is Slendering!™?
What is Slendering!™?

Every dieter dreams of a ‘magic pill’ for weight loss. Additionally, they would love it to work
fast! Well, that’s a pipe dream. Unfortunately, in the absence of excessive exercise, the
human body does not lose weight rapidly in a healthy way. However, there IS a product
that fulfills the description of ‘a magic pill for Slow-Steady-Sure fat loss.’ That product is

Slendering! delivers on it’s promise of fat loss that is Slow-Steady-Sure. The universal
opinion of the medical establishment is that 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of fat loss per week is the
healthiest rate of weight reduction. That’s exactly what Slendering! delivers!

Slendering!, the first and only fat-loss product with OvatioN’s TriFibrix, a proprietary
blend, using exclusive Escortex Technology. Escortex is a process developed by Dr. Ted
Brooks, a PhD in human nutrition. Dr. Brooks is the creator of numerous weight-loss
regimens, formulas, and techniques. His newest technology, Escortex, utilizes nutritional
fibers from three plants that are unique in their abilities to ‘escort’ fat molecules through
the digestive system without being absorbed. It essentially, ‘escorts fat molecules’ in a
gelatin vehicle which prevents some of the fat-calories from being digested. The end
result is Slow-Steady-Sure fat loss!
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SLENDERING! 3-Pack    $99.95
Includes 3 bottles of SLENDERING!, one tape
measure and a Smart Choices Guide Booklet
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The NoN-Diet Weight Loss System in 10 days has allowed me to lose 5 pounds and 20
total inches. I lost 3.5 inches around my waist, two around my bust, and two around my
ribs. I have two reasons for my excitement. First, the 5 pounds. But more so is I have for
over 7 years tried to break a plateau that I have now broken. The first day I dropped my
first two pounds and broke the plateau. I have exercised and been on many different
kinds of diets and nothing worked up until the NoN-Diet Weight Loss.

Sheila Oien

The Slendering NoN-Diet System can be summed up by saying, "Its SIMPLE! I ate what I
wanted! I ATE LATE and LOST WEIGHT and I FEEL GREAT! Plus, I lost 6 Pounds of
Body-Fat and 8 Pounds of weight in just 10 Days!

Manuel Sequeira

What I enjoyed the most is that I wasn't paying attention to what I was eating and I lost 6
Pounds in 10 days and 3 Pounds were Body-Fat! Plus, I dropped 12 inches off my body. I
now feel that if I do the Slendering NoN-Diet System for another 10 days, I will lose
another 6 Pounds. This was really easy!

I now feel that I am on the road to successful weight-reduction. I have not experienced this
type of easy weight-loss success before. I now plan on telling all my friends about

Natalie Andre

The Slendering NoN-Diet System allowed me to eat what I wanted, I didn't exercise and I
still lost 4 Pounds and 8.5 Inches in just 10 Days.

Shawna Teicheira
The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product and statement herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure and/or prevent any disease. Please
consult with your healthcare professional before beginning this or another nutritional supplement program, exercise program, if you are diabetic, have any allergies or taking any medications. If
allergic reaction occurs immediately consult your physician. You should not take this product if you are pregnant or lactating. Product is designed for those 18 years of age, any questions contact
your health care professional.
SLENDERING! 3-Pack    $99.95
Includes 3 bottles of SLENDERING!, one tape
measure and a Smart Choices Guide Booklet
SLENDERING!    $36.00
One bottle of 60 vegan capsules.
SLENDERING!    $36.00
One bottle of 60 vegan capsules.