EXTREME Therapeutic Dry
Skin Lotion
What is once again...
Smooth Skin Therapeutic Lotion for Extreme
Dry Skin Care?

Once Again... Smooth Skin Therapeutic  
Lotion for Extreme Dry Skin
was specially
formulated to be used on a daily basis for
individuals who need
EXTREME moisturizing and
conditioning for their skin.  The naturally-derived,
therapeutic body lotion will assist in alleviating the
extreme redness, itchiness and scaliness of
severe dry skin.  It is formulated with the purest
butters, oils and essential oils that will assist
severe dry skin in maintaining a healthy
condition.  Each ingredient was selected for its
highly-moisturizing and conditioning properties.  

This lotion is also effective as an after-sun
moisturizer for those who have been burned in a
tanning bed or natural sun.
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