Therapeutic Dry Skin
Foot Creme
What is once again...
Smooth Skin Therapeutic Foot Creme for
Dry Skin Care?  

Are you tired of the dry, cracked skin on your
Once Again... Smooth Skin
Therapeutic Dry Skin Foot Creme
specially formulated to be used on a daily
basis for those who need additional
moisturizing on their feet.  The natural butters,
oils and essential oils will help condition and
soothe your feet.  People who have used other
creams and then use
once again... Smooth
Skin Therapeutic Dry Skin Foot Creme
impressed with how quickly and effectively the
creme works.  

The cream is ideal for cracked heels,
massaged into the toenail beds, as a
preventive cream for athlete's feet...  The foot
cream is also ideal for hands that are rough
and damaged from the weather or harsh work

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"I am blind and regularly go to have
pedicures.  My feet had become
extremely dry and irritated.  I
constantly had problems with
hangnails.  I was told by my assistant
that my feet were looking horrible.  I
could feel how bad they were cracked
and peeling.  She gave me a jar of
this cream that she said would help.  
She was using it on her father who is
diabetic and in a nursing home.  I
could not believe it.  Within 1 week,
my heels were no longer cracked.  My
feet did not itch.  Thank you!  My
assistant thanks you because she
said she was having a hard time
looking at my feet!"
Skip L.,
Orlando, FL