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Therapeutic Lotion for Psoriasis and
What is once again... Smooth Skin Therapeutic Lotion for
Psoraisis and Eczema?
once again... Smooth Skin
Therapeutic Lotion for
Psoraisis and Eczema
specially formulated for those
individuals whose eczema and
psoraisis is subtle.  It can also
be used in conjunction with
Extreme Creme for Psoraisis
and Eczema
by those who
desire an additional body lotion.

Apply as needed to the body
areas that are affected with
Psoraisis or Eczema.  Keep out
of eyes.

Statements made by this site  have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration.  They are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.  The
information that is presented comes from a number of reliable sources and represents years of extensive research as well as personal experience.  We urge you to seek
the advice of your health care provider before beginning the use of our products.
"Thank you so much for the lotion!  The itching was
horrible with my eczema.  I was told to try a bottle of
your lotion.  After putting it on my skin, the itching
was gone.  I put your lotion on every morning.  
When my eczema gets really bad, i put you lotion
on where the eczema is really bad.  Thank you!  I
have recommended your products to my friends.  
They are suprised at how quickly it works."