Gotu Kola (cont'd.) -

  • The asiaticosides and triterpenes have modulating properties on the
    development and metabolism of connective tissue, improve the synthesis of
    collagen and other tissue proteins by modulating the action of fibroblasts in the
    vein wall, and stimulate collagen remodeling in and around the venous wall.

  • They therefore improve wound repair, with a better re-epithialisation and a
    normalization of perivascular connective tissue, thus allowing an improvement
    of the venous wall tone and elasticity.

  • It is found that in poor connective tissue conditions, the triterpenes are able to
    renew the collagen, in quantity and quality, and restore tissue firmness and
    skin elasticity, improving skin appearance and comfort.  

  • Apart from this it also has anti-psoriatic properties.

  • The saponins also prevent excessive scar formation, by modulating and
    slowing down the excessive production of collagen (the material that makes up
    connective tissue) at the wound site and also increases the concentration of
    antioxidants in wounds.

  • Various studies have supported these actions of centella and furthermore
    have been shown to be effective in treating surgical wounds, skin grafts,
    gangrene, traumatic injuries, burns, chronic skin lesions, ulcers and even
    leprosy wounds.  

  • It has great importance in preventing and correcting venous insufficiency.

  • It helps provide treatment for leprosy and skin tuberculosis, as the bacteria are
    coated in a wax-like substance that the body's immune system cannot
    penetrate, but this waxy coating is dissolved by centella, thereby allowing the
    body's immune system to destroy the bacteria.

  • In a clinical trial it was also shown that asiaticoside significantly improved
    wound healing.

  • For the above it is clear to see why this herb is so often used for :

  • wound healing
  • eczema
  • stretch marks
  • psoriasis
  • promoting skin health
  • thread veins
  • varicose veins and improving circulation in general
  • strengthening the arteries and veins

  • Laboratory tests proved that it contains compounds that exert a balancing
    effect on connective tissue.  

  • The net effect is improved function and integrity of the collagen matrix and
    supportive structures, leading to remarkable wound healing activity.

  • When Centella Asiatica was used in treatment of patients with second or third
    degree burns, the results were excellent. The extract used, prevented or
    limited the shrinkage and swelling of the skin, caused by infection, and
    inhibited scar formation, increasing healing and reducing fibrosis.
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