Organic Essentially Manukatm
a blend of 94% - 100% organic ingredients
I became acquainted with Manuka and its benefits in 2000.  While
searching for new and unique ingredients for our natural equine and pet
products, I discoverd Manuka.  As I was reading about the benefits of
Manuka, I became intrigued with this "Super" product.  I suffered with
persistent strep infections.  So... I decided I had nothing to lose  trying a jar
of Manuka Honey and discover if the testimonials, research, statements,
etc. were fact or fiction.  The first jar was ordered and the rest is history.
After all these years, I continue to use Manuka on many ailments
to prove
Manuka wrong
.  With each use, I become a stronger believer in the
powers of Manuka Honey and Manuka Essential Oil
.  Through my
testimonials, I have shared the benefits of its powers with many people.  
Those people have become believers...  and those people have shared
their stories with others.  I invite you to read my testimonial and others.
Progression of Burn on Foot and usage of Manuka Honey

Our skin care products became a result of "once again trying to prove
Manuka wrong"
.  Our body lotion has become of favorite for those who
have been sunburned.  People in medical settings (hospitals, nursing
homes, etc) claim their skin is in better condition when they leave than
when they enter that environment.  People working with their hands use the
creams at the end of the day to renew and undo the damage that occurred
during the day.   The applications and uses of Manuka continue...

Essentially Manukatm Skin and Body Care has become a product line
that everyone in the company is excited to share with others.  We look
forward to having you experience the benefits of Manuka Honey and
Manuka Essential Oil in our wide range of products.  We know you will
become as big of a fan of Manuka as we are!  

Lisa Russell
Organic Essentially

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once again...
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